Heard in the Halls: Where Heroes Share Tips and Tools in the Fight Against Fraud

"The biggest value out of the conference is the networking. We are meeting more than 3,000 fraud investigators which I think is the biggest platform in the world. Look at the experience here, the diversity and the speakers here — they have an enormous amount of experience and have achieved so much in their field. That is the learning I'm getting out of this." — Atul Pramod Kimtee, CFE, ACA, CA, VMware Inc, Bangalore, India

"The conference has been great so far and all of the sessions have been fantastic. I'm looking forward to my first session today, 'Advanced Online Investigations.' I want to learn more about social media and investigations that take place using social media since it's so popular today." — Jeffory McKenzie, CFE, Mississippi Gaming Commission


"I always enjoy coming to the ACFE conferences. I learned some new things in the sessions I attended yesterday. Verafin had a very good class about mobile online deposit and check fraud. Having come to all of the ACFE conferences since 2003, I'll continue until I retire in about five to six years. If I can still go afterwards, I'll definitely come just to be learning after I retire." — Jennie Yen Bauer, CFE, American Airlines Federal Credit Union

"I'm really enjoying the conference a lot. It's my third one and I love Nashville so far. I just really think this is a great opportunity for new folks to the fraud fight are able to get information from people who have been doing it for years. So it's like passing the torch if you will — information that's kept close-hold doesn't do anyone any good." — David Taylor Harper, CFE, Inspector General, City of Albuquerque



"I came here for the opportunity to learn more about fraud and fraud risk assessment. I really enjoyed Cliff Lansley in the working lunch yesterday. I thought some of the tips and tools that he included in his presentation were really invaluable and I could take back to our practitioners and really help spread throughout our audit practice ... teaching them to pick up on those subtle clues that they might not be noticing when they're having their normal conversations regarding the audit." — Nicole Turnipseed Durkin, CFE, CPA, RSM US LLP