Heard in the Halls: The Future of the Anti-Fraud Profession


"People didn't think about fraud before; there was a small subculture that considered the risks associated with different industries. Now as it has progressed, more clients, individuals and organizations are asking the questions: what are we doing to prevent fraud? What are we doing to mitigate risk in the long term? So now you've got organizations working together to mitigate risks in order to protect their clients and customers." — Mike Chism, CFE, SIU Manager, Cigna



"The future of fraud is going in the direction of having to coordinate cybersecurity with fraud and creating seamless integration between the two. There's a great movement toward fusion centers now across organizations. A lot of fraud and account takeover isn't starting in one place and it's not dependent upon one channel. It's channel agnostic. We need to merge the understanding of fraud with this cyber piece." — Brad Morgan, CFE, Client and Agent Protection - Fraud Detection, New York Life Insurance Company


"I've come here to learn more about technology. I work in Africa in humanitarian work where we face so many challenges with our programs. Identifying fraud is a challenge and when we do identify it, we have issues analyzing the data. Coming here will enable me to meet professionals with more expertise in technology, which is so important now to undertake a good investigation." — Monique Ouffoue, CRS, Senegal



"Networking opportunities to find out what other companies are doing and how fraud is really monitored within their corporations so that we can get an idea of who it reports to organizationally and structurally. Vendor can also help find the new tools that can help us do the work we're wanting to do. With technology changing as fast as it is, it's important we have the tools to keep up with it." — Joe Bell, AIC, ACII, Audit Manager, Allstate



"For the future of fraud, we need to actually gather our networks and work together so that we can take this 80-billion-dollar industry [fraud] to a 20-billion-dollar industry to a zero-dollar-industry." — Jonathan Tong, Senior Lead Auditor, Allstate