Heard in the Halls: The Power of Fraud


"It's been an amazing week, especially with the keynote speakers. We've received very powerful information and it shows an indication that fraud is becoming more of a global problem. Also, it's mostly from the cyber side of things. This is going to become a very big risk that all anti-fraud professionals, regardless of their areas of expertise, will need to think cyber." — Rabiu Onaolapo Olowo, CFE, CICA, ACMA, Chair, RabloWoods Counter Fraud Learning Centre and Professional Services


"Bryan Fogel and Clare Rewcastle Brown risked their lives to conduct their investigations and both brought them to successful conclusions. That was an extremely strong message to send to all of us fraud fighters." — Dr. Paul Milata, CFE, Managing Partner, Milata KG




"Using some of the sessions I've gone to, I see the opportunity to do more data analytics and identify clusters of activity instead of just the lone wolf frauds." — Michelle King, CFE, Audit Consultant, Nationwide




"The power of fraud is extensive. I'm in the bank supervision industry and it can destroy people, their families and financial institutions and the people who work for them. Clare Rewcastle Brown and even the breakout speakers I've had are doing a very good job in communicating awareness, impact and accountability. At the end of the day we're all accountable to do our jobs and to help pursue, hunt down and track fraud." — Steven Sheehan, CFE, Supervisory Examiner, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation



"What fraud and bribery is to us is just part of culture for other people, it's normal. Talking about it and having this conference shows how powerful fraud is. I think the conference has also recharged the people here. For me personally it's a validation that I'm on the right track and that other people have done this and are making that huge impact." — Mariette van der Wegen, MacLean-Fogg